The needs of the wheelchair user, their family and their carers always come first.

We will never supply you a car just because it’s ‘in stock’.

Whether you are hiring, buying new or second-hand, you can’t choose a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV) like you would any other vehicle. What’s more, many WAV suppliers just want to sell you their own vehicles, or even one they have in stock – and that might not necessarily be the one that’s best for you and your particular circumstances. And you’ll find that most used WAV suppliers are run by motor trade people, rather than experts in wheelchair accessibility. It makes no difference to us which car you end up with, or for how long you want it, as long as we know we’ve given you the best impartial advice possible. And that only comes with experience.

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Family WAVs from Fleximobility. Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles to lease. Call us today on: 01865 300361.

Wheelchair accessible cars to hire from Fleximobility. Start your journey today, call us on: 01865 300361.

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